Cultural Memory Work

Cultural Memory intervenes on the erasure of communities of colors’ cultural and ancestral practices that have been stolen from us as a weapon of colonization & genocide. The co-optation and misappropriation of our cultural memory include the stealing of our lands, traditions, food, and medicines. For too long, hospitals, prisons, and detention centers, to name a few, have used ‘treatments to fix and cure’ that are rooted in state violence & cultural genocide and have caused immense harm to treated Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, Two Spirit, Gender Non-Conforming and Intersex (LGBTQTSGNCI) communities, people with developmental, physical & neurodivergent disabilities and living with chronic illness, and people living in street & survival economies. It is our cultural practices & traditions that have allowed our survival despite the violence and these abuses of experimentation & exploitation of our communities. 

Changing Frequencies values recovering cultural memory of our traditions as essential to our collective care and survival. We interrupt and heal this erasure and disconnection through co-creation, curation, and production of installations, immersive experiences, and cultural practices that are rooted in the reclamation of memory, transformation, and healing.  We partner with other collectives & organizations seeking to build & restore cultural memory practices.

Cultural memory interrupts and heals the erasures of our traditions. Cultural memory is our intergenerational memory that has been passed down for centuries and lives in our collective bodies —cells and bones transfused through our memories of our relationships to land, body, and spirit.

Healing Justice Lineages: Dreaming at the Crossroads of Liberation, Collective Care & Safety, Anthology

Co-Edited & Written by Erica Woodland & Cara Page. Published by North Atlantic Books.

Psalm for the Mismeasured and Unfit

In partnership with Artistic Director & Choreographer, Ebony Noelle Golden and the ensemble cast of Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative featuring; Vesta Walker, Jaime Dzandu, Audrey Hailes, Jehan Roberson & Sara Abdullah, we time traveled through pain to transformation and power. This choreographed psalm is for those whose bodies have been vilified and exoticized, assaulted, and pathologized by the Medical Industrial Complex (MIC) & lifts up the Black birth workers, healers, midwives, doulas and root workers who have survived and birthed generations.

Psalm for the MisMemoried

We are using Virtual Reality as a medium to elevate stories of harms and abuses of the Medical Industrial Complex (MIC) toward interrupting and ending this violence.

Psalm for the Mismemoried is Written & Directed by Cara Page, in collaboration with VR Filmmaker Philip Sanchez, of Blurred Media. Featuring Tamika Middleton & Adaku Utah. Produced by Changing Frequencies. 

Anti-Eugenics Project

Anti-Eugenics Project is an interdisciplinary network of scholars, organizers, cultural workers and artists working to understand and bring awareness to the continuing legacies and harm of eugenicist ideologies. Anti-Eugenics Project seeks to excavate and examine the lasting effects of eugenics and in doing so, begin to dismantle the politics and systems of exclusion— the founding eugenicist ideology that some humans are “fit” and and others are “unfit”— that continue to plague in our society in the forms of racism, classism, misogyny, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and other forms of social tyranny.